Odin and his female Maidens/Bodygaurds are the rulers of the Etherworld(Neautral Relm), though hardly ever seen, Odin's daughter, Yungdra Valor was placed as Queen of the Etherworld, to rule it as Odin sees fit.

Although Yungdra is Queen she has no say in what happens to the Etherworld, everything must come from Odin himself and Yungdra would and will put it into action. Any crimes or sins commited in the Etherworld before death shall be judged by the Valkyrie and then the punishment shall be decided by Odin.


Atlaz Valor, like the ArchAngels was the creation of Airehté sent down from Celestia to rule over the Etherworld. From here he created the Valkyrie and fell in love with the human, Jewemer Calfor and in turn she gave him a daughter, Yungdra. He has a fierce temper but is gracious and loves his people, although never appearing to the world only few have graced his presence, Atlaz sends his love and respect through his daughter, Yungdra.



The Valkyrie are Atlaz's Maidens and Bodygaurds, they were created from LifeSeeds known as ValkFlijé. All are woman and each possess a different ability and weapon, all donning the same armour but different colours. Each weapon wieleded by the Valkyrie is made of Quartzbane, a precious stone that is only found deep in the dephs of Parvar. The Valkyrie act as "Police" if you like and keep order and peace in the Etherworld. If one comes into the presence of a Valkyrie be sure to bow or courtsey as failing to do so would be an act of treason and result in death without judgement.



Queen of the Etherworld and daughter of Atlaz, She rules in place ofAtlaz. Yungdra has long blonde hair and eyes as blue as the ocean, everything she does must be agreed upon by her father. She is a very kind person whom listens to her people and respects their position in the world wether poor or rich. Atlaz has forbid her to love as doing so will break her bond with him and ruin the Valor Dynasty.