The Jing Shang Ni are the leaders of the Xia Continent of the Etherworld. Appointed to leadership by Atlaz Valor himself so that they could keep everything in order in his place. Nu Wa is the policing officer of Xia Continent and works closely with the Jing Shang Ni. It is her job to catch the sinners and submit them to the Valkyrie who come and collect them from the Xia Dungeons.


Da Chao is an ancient sorcerer from the oriental continent of Xia. He is the only known being to have been born with the magical chamber; Astrologai. Astrologai is the magic to control the planets and stars.
He was a member of the Jing Shang Ni (The four lords of the Xia continent appointed by Atlaz Valor. The Jing Shang Ni acted in the same position as Yungdra Valor).
Da Chao abused his poistion of power and also used it to shadow his dark intentions. It was his intention to bring about an eternal eclipse so that he could rise an army of the dead and dark, so that he could conquer the Xia continent and the Ferenai continent, forcing Atlaz to hand over control to him.
Lily-Mae Xiao another member of the Jing Shang Ni caught wind of his sinister plans and pursued Da Chao to Penglai Shan where he was to perform his magic. Lily-Mae and her mount; Kirin defeated Da Chao and burned his body from existence.