The empire of the Nosferatu that is built beneath the surface of the Etherworld. Delacroix Nox was forced to create his empire with haste after being banished from the Netherworld by Lucifer and the other Nocture Lords because he tried to overthrow them and take control of the Netherworld. Delacroix built his empire and met a human girl whom he fell in love with, they later had three triplets, Velentia Nox, Lostara Nox and Zenta Nox. But their mother Zentatia, after learning of Delacroix's plans to attack the Netherworld once more took their children and hid them away in the Earlvine forest, Delacroix was only able to find Zenta and left the others to fend for themselves.


Delacroix's father, Dracula nox was the 8th Nocturne Lord but was turnt to Quartzbane Crystal by Viktor Vanhellsing. The slot would have naturally gone to Delacroix but the Lords became suspicious of him and refused him the chair. Delacroix rebelled and rounded up all the Noseratu he could find in the Netherworld and created a huge war in order to overthrow the lords and become the Netherworld's successor. He failed miserably after realising Lucifer's powers were a force to be reckoned with and was banished to the Etherworld along with any other Nosfertau. Delacroix has long silver hair and blood red eyes, he dons a long black cape and a strange but attractive black suit. He was often reffered to as the "handsome sucker".


 Once living the life as a human named Juliet Rose she was a peasent from the town of Ivor just south of the Earlvine forest. Juliet would often visit the forest at the same field of snow white flowers every day. She loved to sing and local towns people would often say she had "an almost angelic voice". But then came the night that would change her life forever! She met Delacroix Nox after he had been chased to the field of flowers by vampire hunters, she knew exactly what he was straight away and had no fear, Juliet confronted him soon after ther meeting, "you are a vampire...correct?". From that day on they would spend the next months together meeting at starfall lake untill Juliet fell extremely ill through unknown circumstances, one probability is the peasent lifestyle that she had to lead. Delacroix gave her life one again by "changing" her and giving her the new name, Zentatia.


Zenta Nox was the "3rd" born of the triplets or last if you like, which means his right to the throne comes after Velentia and Lostara. Velentia being the "1st" born and Lostara being the "2nd" born. Zenta was named after his mother whom Delacroix loved dearly, Zentatia always sensed a burning sensation from Zenta even when inside her wound. She knew that one day he would turn out like his father as she was not wrong, Zenta was known by the other vampires by his twisted mind and dark humour. Zenta has always remained faithful to his father and wants to help him find his siblins more than anything....or so it would seem. Zenta has light red to pinkish hair and wears mostly white except for his trousers which are a dull black leaning towards gray.


Serving as Zenta's personal handmaiden and bodygaurd she would be seen with him where ever he went. Often the spark of envy of the other female vampires, Kineska understands how lucky she is to work closely with a noble vampire. Kineska is a purple colour in her bat form and wields metal claws as weapons, she is deadly at most and fast on her toes, naturally why she was chosen to serve Zenta.