The Etherworld resistance is actually not formed untill novel 4, but it seems like the best thing to call it instead of just "main characters".

So I am not gonna say much about the resistance or I shall spoil some major acts of the story! So you will just know this page as "Main Characters" :P.



The heroin of the story, she is of Half Human/Half Vampire lineage. Dizeria dreams or is reminded about major points of her infant life and the day she found out the horrible truth behind the mirror. She has a strong heart and her bonds of courage have no limits! She graduated from The Academy Of Manatee at the age of 19 along with her sister Elizabeth and together they completed many assignments issued to them by their master Docovich Liu. Dizeria was always the one to keep a calm head about things.


The other heroin of the first novel, she is also of Half Human/Half Vampire lineage and the twin sister of Dizeria Doll perhaps not identical in features they are still connected with a strong bond. Elizabeth loses her cool quite quickly usually getting herself and her sister into more trouble and fights than needed, a quick navigation to the point is how she likes to get things done. She conquered the skills of archery whilst studying at the Academy Of Manatee.


A Corsair or Pirate as Dizeria calls him, Quitaldo would become one of Dizeria's most trusted allies and friends. He is the captain of The Merqui Moa, a crew of fourty-two men, they sail the seas in hope to find wealth and beautiful women. Quitaldo meets Dizeria and Elizabeth in "The Magician", a tavern in the small city Volknot, it is here he informs them that he had to take Docovich's place as he had an errand to run. Quitaldo wears similar clothes as that of a pirate but they are clean and fresh at all times and he does not speak in a silly accent as most other pirates do, the real Corsair's had died out many years ago but it would seem Quitaldo is the last.


A powerful sage who is adept in many skills of combat including Casting, swordmanship and archery. He is a Tutor at the Academy Of Manatee, and becomes one of Dizeria's most trusted friends through this long and hard journey. Docovich gives Dizeria the assignment of kidnapping Marko D'corelle's daughter with no other information supplied and that she is to rondevous with him back in Volknot. Docovich dosn't show up in Volknot instead he entrusts his friend Quitaldo to inform Dizeria of her next step. Docovich will be waiting for them in Combra, the royal city.