The leaders of Celestia also known as Heaven and the lands of grace. Each being on the Etherworld will be judged at death by The Celestial Keep and they decide who will be allowed into Celstia and who will be turnt to the Netherworld.

The Archangels were the first to walk the graces of Celestia after Airehté(God) created them to start the cycle of life (The needs Of The World).



Uriel was the first ArchAngel to be given life by Airehté and she returned the favor by granting all living beings the ability to reproduce. She is the leader of The Celestial Keep and is very strict and judgemental towards those that have commited the tiniest of sins! Believing that those who wish to enter Celestia should live life purely and abide by the wishes of Airehté

Celestial Gift: Reproduction


Gabriel was the second ArchAngel to be given life by Airehté and his gift was that of Forgivness. Gabriel is also very understandable and believes that some sins can often be disregarded or forgotten, such as petty theft through possesion of hunger. Gabriel has very handsome features and is percieved as the most handsome Angel of Celestia.

Celestial Gift: Forgiveness


Micheal was the third ArchAngel to be given life by Airehté and his gift was Courage. Micheal believed that in order to confess your sins one would need courage to step forth and realise this. But this should not suggest Micheal was as forgiving as Gabriel or as Understanding as Alteria, he agreed with every motion set forth by Uriel and remained loyal to her every judgement.

Celestial Gift: Courage


Rapheal was the fourth Archangel to be given life by Airehté and his gift was Love. No being would have to go throught life alone if they had someone or something to love. Rapheal is know for his strong love towards both man and woman. He perhaps gave the most gracious gift of them all some come to believe.

Celestial Gift: Love


Alteria was the final ArchAngel to be given life by Airehté Her gift was somewhat different to the other angels, it was not a feeling or neccessity, her gift was that every being was assigned a guardian angel. Alteria was often branded as the less intellectual ArchAngel as she could often be found daydreaming in the Celestia Palace gardens and pondering about life's wonders. She like Gabriel had the understanding of listening to why people might have commited the sin they did.

Celestial Gift: Gaurdian Angel