The Nocturne Lords

The Nocturne Lords are the leaders of the Netherworld, Each giving birth to the 8 kinds of "Humanoid" demons that exist in and outside of the Netherworld. The Nocturne lords almost appear as deities if one looks at their roles. Once consisting of 8 members, but Dracula, the 8th member was turnt to Quartzbane crystal. This of course left the 8th slot open, but was not granted to his son, Delacroix because of his shady personality and secretive motives.





Banished from Celestia almost 30 Milleniums ago, he became a fallen angel and gave birth to an opposing relm known as the Netherworld. To keep the Netherworld in order, he enlisted six of the most powerful demons alive to serve by his side as the rulers of the Netherworld, in turn they gave birth to 8 dominant races that would make the Netherworld abundant with life.

Birth Of Demetrix: Fallen Angels




Half Human half zombie, Nelczar is formally an ancient soldier who lost his life in war, being refused entrance through the gates of Celestia for his sins, Nelczar found refuge in the Netherworld. It was here Lucifer gave him rights as a Nocturne Lord.

Birth Of Demetrix: Zombies




Mabidain was the second member of the Nocturne lords after Lucifer, he is a very very old Ghoul which is portrayed by his use of a walking stick. Perhaps considered by many as weak! Although never seen to fight himself, his ability to call upon his ghoul children to fight for him would suffice. He has great knowledge of many things and Lucifer has immense trust in him also as his strategist.

Birth Of Demetrix: Ghoul




A fallen Elf whom once belonged to the Moon Elvae of the Etherworld. She is a force to be reckoned with and has the agility and powers to wipe away a small town in mere seconds. Her most noted ability is that of travelling the skies as a cloud of smoke. Very close to Lucifer perhaps lovers, but not announced openly.

Birth Of Dememtrix: Fallen Elves



O'Hara was said to be the prettiest creature in the Netherworld, with lush red hair and magnificent eyes that glow a yellow and orange colour. She is able to transform into a nine tailed fox, alas being known as a Shapeshifter, With an unbelievable ability to control fire to boot! O'Hara remains one of the most deadlist NetherFiends to walk the relms.

Birth Of Demetrix: WereWolves




Probably on of the most dangerous NetherFiends alive, Quigha has the ability to take on the form of any human being that he has come into contact with or seen! Thus allowing him to gain trust from those that he later intends to kill or devour.

Birth Of Demetrix: Doppelgangers




A demon with a very sour attitude, her rivalry with O'Hara often gets the better of her, showing her short fused temper when O'Hara would always appear calm in heated moments. With flowy green hair and eyes that glisten in darkness Zelda is known to as the second beauty of the Netherworld, perhaps which caused the life long rivalry with O'Hara. She can raise beings from the shadows known as, Illex and can also use the shadows as a kind of door allowing her to pass through to where ever she pleases. The shadows she summons can take on which ever form she wishes!.

Birth Of Demetrix: Illex (ShadowBeings)




Dracula was the 8th member of the Nocturne Lords, but was turnt to Quartzbane Crystal by Viktor VanHellsing. He was one of the Most Valued and trusted members of TNL and was often entrusted with most of the Netherworld dealings. After his "death" or "transformation" as it were, the heir to the Lord should have been his son, Delacroix Nox who was too secretive to be allowed entrance to the Council Chairs.

Birth Of Demetrix: Nosferatu (Vampire)

The Leader Of The Nocturne Lords(Persia)